Build a globally distributed full-stack app using Cloudflare Pages, Next.js and Fauna

In this tutorial, you will build a globally distributed full stack application using Cloudflare Pages (for the front end), Pages Functions (the backend), and Fauna as the database. You will use the Next.js  framework to tie all these services together in a cohesive and scalable codebase.

Workshop Prerequisites:

What is a globally distributed app?

Before you continue, let’s explore what a globally distributed app is and why you might want to build one. A globally distributed app always runs closest to the end user, thus making the application response time extremely fast.

Cloudflare Pages and Pages Functions run your code closest to the end user’s geographical location without you maintaining a server. While Fauna being a globally distributed database system, ensures that data reads and writes always happen on the closest replicas of your database. Thus this combination of Cloudflare Workers, Pages, and Fauna allows you to build highly performant apps with very low latency.

Last updated on December 27, 2022